Venezia Istanbul
Place: Gaziosmanpasa, Istanbul (EU)
Project Area: 600.000m2
Construction Area: 82.000m2
Total Properties: 2200
Total Floor Count: 50
Block: 5
Property Types: 1 Bedroom, 2 Bedroom and 3 Bedroom
Start Date: December 2011
End Date: November 2014

“You no longer have to travel to Venice to experience Venice”

That is the promotional motto campaign for Viaport Venezia project, and that is exactly what it is. Viaport Venezia offers a unique Venice experience right in the European side of Istanbul. And Viaport Venezia offers more.

The project keeps the architectural esthetic and the historical texture of Venezia. Viaport Venezia also has gondolas and canals like the real Venezia. On the top of that Viaport Venezia has many more entertainment options to choose and do in one place.

Viaport Venezia is located in Gaziosmanpaşa, District of Istanbul. It includes a wide range of choices among 2,500 apartments with different dimensions, offices with different sizes, and many social facilities such as a shopping mall center with 70.000 m2 renting space, and much more.

Social Facilities:

Viaport Venezia offers excellent options for youngs and adults with different tastes. Although Viaport Venezia comprehends with the best places to live with the best quality, for this project it is also very important to have social areas where people can enjoy and entertain in their free time. Viaport Venezia cares for each and every of its inhabitants, this is the reason why it has a Designer Shopping Centre for those interested in shopping and latest trends in fashion, a Health Club and Indoor and Outdoor swimming pools for those who want to stay fit and healthy, and Food and Beverage places where people can just sit to talk and enjoy. Furthermore, there is also a Children’s Club and playground for those little ones who want to play and make new friends and for those interested in the natural world and botanics, there are also many green places with flowers and many gardens. Definitely Viaport Venezia is a project made to thrill everyone!

Where is Via Port Venezia ?

Viaport Venezia has two  great options for transport facilities such as the Tramway line which passes by in front of the doorway of the project and the new Subway line that is coming very soon which it will be a much better and easier choice to travel around Istanbul. Through the new Subway, it will only take 20 minutes to reach Taksim Square and Besiktas, besides it will only take 15 minutes to get to Ataturk Airport.

In addition, the Viaport Venezia project is located 15km from Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge which it is the second Bridge and 20km from the Bosporus Bridge. Hence, Viaport Venezia project is located in the perfect place where it is close enough to the vibrant center of Istanbul but far enough to the stressful traffic of the city.